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I have made several types of cookers but I have found this one to be the absolute best design available. It is simple to build for the do it yourselfer and I love how easy it is to adjust. The material (coroplast) used to build this cooker is strong and waterproof. The sunsight is simple but very effective. I have made some larger versions and cooked everything from cakes to turkey breasts(in march).Thank you so much for sharing this cooker it is fantastic! So simple, so effective.

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All Season Solar Cooker

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If your mission is to promote solar cooking and introduce the most cost efficient designs, to pasteurize a greater quantity of water, and to cook a greater amount of food on any solar day, please continue reading.

Here you can learn about the solar cooker that Jim La Joie designed (the All Season Solar Cooker) and get some tips on solar cooking.

The ASSC has been tested against commercially available panel and box cookers. Because of its ability to efficiently capture the rising and setting sun, the ASSC can pasteurize a greater amount of water than can other designs of similar size. During optimal solar cooking hours, the ASSC continues to heat water more rapidly than panel cookers and it achieves pasteurization in about 2/3 the time.

For more information about the ASSC’s performance, please visit the webpage "Performance of the ASSC" in the drop down menu of the "All Season Solar Cooker" link.

The ASSC is designed to be built locally using plans that are available free on this website. Please visit the "Solar Cooker Plans" page in the roll down menu of the "Buy/Build" link. The best evaluation of the ASSC may be to build one using local materials and the plans from this website.

One of the major goals of the All Season Solar Cooker is to have an established solar cooking agency adopt the ASSC as its own. If you represent a nonprofit solar cooking agency, please visit the agency page. We believe that the low cost and high efficiency of the ASSC make it a great choice for solar cooking agencies’ distribution programs.


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